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Sintered Diamond Blades

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Sintered diamond blades are made by cold pressed or hot pressed sintering technologies. Selected diamonds are mixed and sintered with specific metal alloys to achieve the best cutting performance possible on any hard materials such as marble, granite, ceramic, concrete, bricks, porcelain, etc.

Continuous Rim Sintered Blades

Provide fast and clean cutting with minimum chipping at a low cost. Wet cutting of tiles, ceramic, terrazzo, clay roofing, porcelain and other similar materials. Cold pressed or hot pressed.

Segmented Sintered Blades 

Provide fast cutting of masonry, granite, marble and concrete, especially suitable for DIY users. Designed for dry cutting. Cold pressed or hot pressed.

Turbo Sintered Blades

Combine the advantages of segmented and continuous rim blades. Faster cutting, less chipping, freer stock removal and improved cooling. They are suitable for wet or dry cutting of tiles, bricks, blocks, concrete and masonry. Cold pressed or hot pressed.

Turbo Wave Sintered Blades

The wave design strengthens the blade core and enhances cutting performance as well as durability of the blade. They are suitable for wet or dry cutting hard materials such as masonry, engineering brick, and hard clay pipes. Cold pressed only.
Continuous Rim
continuous rim sintered blade
Segmented Rim
segmented sintered blade
turbo sintered blade
Turbo Wave
turbo wave sintered blade
Turbo with Flange
turbo blade with flange
Similar Turbo
similar turbo sintered blade
Split Turbo
splite turbo sintered blade
Arrow Turbo
arrow turbo sintered blade
“T” Rim Turbo
"T" rim turbo blade

specifications–sintered diamond blades

For more information please contact us. Other designs and specifications of sintered diamond blades are also available upon request.

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