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Diamond saw blades are metal bond diamond blades with multiple layers of synthetic diamonds impregnated inside the bond matrix. The metal bond is rigidly sintered or welded with a circular steel core. Diamond saw blades are versatile cutting tools that are widely used for cutting a large variety of materials such as marble, granite, concrete, asphalt, building materials and many other abrasive materials.

diamond blades

comparison chart1–diamond blades
The quality and life of a diamond blade usually depend on purpose of use.

Professional: It is for a large scale of use on a regular daily basis. Durability and fast cutting are both considered.

Contractor or builder: Require fast cutting speed and regular use with reasonable durability.

DIY: Small job or occasional use, fast cutting with reasonable life.

Promotional: Shorter life but cutting well with coolant.

comparison chart2-diamond blades

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